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Refrigeration Energy Savings

As a fresh food retailer, you know that without protection, open display coolers waste energy. The time to cover refrigerated display cabinets is while customers are not in the store. You can significantly reduce heating and air conditioning costs just by pulling down Econofrost night curtains overnight when the store is closed.

Econofrost thermal night time energy curtains protect refrigerated display coolers from unnecessary energy losses – over 36% of direct refrigeration energy costs per hour when energy curtains are used.

Direct savings also come from extending the shelf life of perishable goods and reducing waste from spoiled milk or ice cream. Ensuring food safety and integrity is always good business and brings customers back.

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Protect Foods on Display

Supermarkets and smaller retail food stores display refrigerated foods in open display cases to provide appealing food arrangements and unrestricted access for customers. But easy access has a price. Open coolers tend to overwork compressors and waste energy as the refrigerated curtain of air is constantly warmed by surrounding air.

An open display merchandiser can have wide variations of temperature within the case, and food items sitting in the front are subject to warming beyond safe levels. Closed cabinets, on the other hand, present a physical barrier and detract from the marketing impact of placing fresh food items close at hand.

Econofrost energy curtains make energy saving in refrigeration display cabinets possible overnight. Econofrost shows that the best way to protect the contents of refrigerated coolers while the store is closed is to efficiently deflect heat and light emissions outward and trap the cold air inside the case with an efficient thermal barrier, while allowing condensation to evaporate and preventing the formation of mildew.

An Overnight Solution With Daytime Impact

Food retailers can now significantly reduce commercial refrigeration energy costs stabilizing cooler temperatures overnight by rolling down Econofrost heat reflective night covers while the store is closed.

The beneficial effects of keeping the chilled foods at ideal temperatures within the display cabinets last up to 15 hours after the night covers have been rolled up in the morning. Where Econofrost woven aluminum night covers are installed, tests have shown energy savings to average 37% and higher.

A Solution That Simply Saves Energy

Delivering safe food products is a constant challenge for food marketers. Are you using too much energy to keep your display cabinets below 40 �F? To comply with food safety standards, display cabinet temperatures must be kept low enough to discourage the growth of foodborne bacteria and deliver safe foods to your customers.

How efficiently can open refrigerated display cases operate without thermal shields? You may be wasting more energy than necessary to keep your coolers working overnight.

During the night, Econofrost thermal night covers can help keep the expensive refrigerated air where it belongs, resulting in energy savings and and increased energy efficiency of your refrigerated coolers.

Only too often, products inside refrigerated display cases are warmed by ambient air from store heating systems. Forced hot air in supermarkets causes products at the front of open display cases to be 12-15�F (7-8�C) warmer than products at the back of the refrigerated merchandiser. At the same time, cold refrigerated air spills out of display cases, cooling supermarket aisles and causing heating systems to work overtime. All this adds up to inefficiency: high energy costs and overworked compressors. Uneven cooling in the refrigerated display cases also means shorter shelf life and diminished product quality.

Third Party Evaluated - 36% Energy Savings Recorded

Energy saving benefits of Econofrost night covers have been demonstrated in independent lab tests. ASHRAE, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers, and other organizations, have conducted scientific tests showing that during the hours Econofrost night covers are pulled down over open store coolers, direct refrigeration costs are reduced by at least 36%. When the thermal blinds are raised in the morning, the stabilized temperatures keep the contents cooler for up to 15 hours. This means starting the day with all refrigerated goods in optimal condition, even in open display cases.

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