Save even more energy


Changing your bulbs to energy efficient ones can dramatically reduce your supermarket’s energy bills.

In addition, Promolux lamps significantly reduce product shrink and discard rates, extending shelf life and the saleability of a product saving even more time and money!

With superior color rendering Promolux supports merchandising efforts and creates a visually stunning displays that boost sales, promote product freshness and shopper loyalty.

How it works

Promolux Lamps are manufactured to the highest standards and use top quality glass, filters and rare earth phosophors. This combination of materials and the specialty manufacturing process ensures Promolux lamps provide the best color rendering and greatest product protection for perishable items.

As a balanced spectrum lamp, Promolux showcases the natural colors of an item without any artificial enhancement for true product representation. As a low radiation lamp, Promolux protects light and heat sensitive foods from premature ripening and spoilage by eliminating over 86% of harmful radiation that occurs under regular fluorescent light sources.


  • Creates Visually Stunning Displays
  • Extends Shelf Life
  • Filters over 86% of Harmful Radiation Common in Regular Fluorescent Light Sources
  • Reduces Product Shrink & discard Rates
  • Boosts Sales
  • Reduces Trim Time Required
  • Saves Money
  • Lasts for Years

Follow this link to see how much money you could save by installing Promolux Balanced Spectrum Low Radiation lighting.



Econofrost woven aluminum night covers are a proven to save food retailers thousands of dollars. Every day you are paying hundreds of dollars to keep your open refrigerated cases cool, even at night! If there was a product that enabled you to save money and improve the efficiency of your refrigeration system would you buy it?

What if that very product qualified for a rebate and would save you thousands, if not millions of dollars for years to come, would you view it as a worthwhile investment?

Econofrost night covers easily retrofit to all types of commercial refrigerated cases and were designed specifically for food retail environments and store conditions. Econofrost night covers conserve energy, improve the overall performance of refrigeration systems and maintain more stable case and product temperatures for a longer duration. This is a great tool to ensure full compliance with NSF requirements for food safety.

Woven aluminum has been proven to be the fabric with the lowest emissivity and highest reflectivity of all materials found in night covers.

How it works

Econofrost night covers are used at night when a store is closed to reflect heat and ambient radiation away from perishables stocked inside refrigerated coolers as well as retain the cold air circulating within the case. Econofrost’s patented braking mechanism ensures the night cover retracts evenly and smoothly protecting your investment and your case lights for many years.

Tiny perforations in Econofrost’s fabric help prevent condensation build-up and allow the fabric to breathe so unlike other night cover products, chemical treatments or sprays do not have to be applied in order to combat mold or bacteria growth, ensuring a food safe product for use in-and-around the food zone.


  • Conserves Energy (Over 36% per hour used)!
  • Extends Shelf Life
  • Reflects harmful UV radiation away from the case
  • More stable case temperatures
  • Allows for greater improved product integrity and appearance
  • Reduces Trim Time Required
  • Less Product Shrink and Spoiled Merchandise (especially in produce sections)
  • Creates warmer aisles for a more comfortable shopping experience for your customers
  • Protection against Product Loss During Interruption of Power – In the event of a loss of power just pull down your night covers and keep your product cool until power is restored or additional emergency preparedness plans are initiated.

Learn more about what sets Econofrost night covers apart from the rest. 

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