Econofrost - the #1 Night Cover

Superior Night Cover Engineering

Since Econofrost retractable night curtains were designed by engineers to meet the highest quality specifications for usage, efficiency and durability, how do they stack up against others on the market? One secret lies in the unique fabric engineered to create more than an efficient thermal barrier–one that is easy to install, easy to operate, and unobtrusive during the daytime hours. The woven energy saving aluminum fabric is flexible and coated with a thin clear film. Made from food safe materials, Econofrost night curtains are easy to clean so staff can ensure superior hygiene for your supermarket food displays.

Upholding Food Safety and Product Integrity

  • Keeping Foods Chilled for Extended Shelf Life:- Stable temperatures mean less warming and melting – undesirable conditions that shorten shelf life and degrade food quality and safety.
  • Shrinking Produce Department Losses:- Perishable food products go through many stages of packing, shipping and holding in the “cold chain” before reaching retail display merchandisers. Yet, open display cases can become the weak link when they are operated inefficiently or left unprotected 24 hours a day.

    The produce department manager reported that tests showed an “average decline in trim from one barrel a day to one quarter barrel a day,” eliminating produce losses of $50 to $65 per day and reducing labor needed to maintain produce displays. Researchers reported that the store saved more than $8000 over a five month test period in the typical large supermarket setting.

    The tests demonstrated how reducing the amount of produce trimmed from food displays brought the store their return on investment in just over four months.

    While energy costs are rising, it becomes imperative to seek all avenues to reduce energy losses and increase the efficiency of your refrigerated cabinets, a major challenge during the heat of summer and while stores must be heated in winter. A growing number of supermarkets and large chain stores are installing Econofrost energy efficient night shields and demonstrating remarkable effectiveness in saving energy while extending the shelf life of perishable foods.

  • Reducing Shrinkage in Other Departments:- New installations of Econofrost woven aluminum night covers in a major western supermarket chain are “demonstrating a reduction in shrinkage that is much greater than they had expected in all perishables covered at night.” The chain stores reported that the savings and reduced trim and discard in their produce departments is over 75%. These savings alone paid for the whole installation in just a matter of a few weeks. Energy rebates from the utility company further increased the payback on this chain’s payback on their investment in Econofrost.

Why You Need to buy Econofrost for your Refrigerated Display Equipment

Installing insulated Econofrost night covers provides a simple and effective way to reduce energy costs and extend shelf life. Designed by refrigeration engineers in response to the spiraling costs of energy, Econofrost is an industry-leading woven aluminum night blind that can be retrofitted to refrigerated display cases and is easily factory installed on new cases.

Either way, Econofrost thermal night blinds last the lifetime of the refrigeration unit.

Econofrost night covers are designed to keep the warm air out and chilled air in refrigerated food display cabinets. The benefits of stabilizing the air temperatures throughout your refrigerated coolers overnight last for hours once your store opens.

Besides extending the shelf life of all perishable foods, Econofrost night curtains ensure food safety and integrity and save over 36% of all direct refrigeration energy costs. For your best return on investment, save both air conditioning expenses and heating costs, minimize equipment and compressor replacement and repair costs and reduce labor costs.

With rapidly increasing energy costs and rebates in certain markets for energy conservation, the time has come to stop wasting energy. Join thousands of savvy retailers from around the world who save energy and increase their profits by putting Econofrost energy curtains to work.

Reduced energy consumption protects the environment and is beneficial for everyone.

Be part of the difference and retrofit your cases with the number one night cover on the market!