Energy Saving

Supermarkets Energy Saving

Saving energy in food retail environments is big business. Every store can improve their efficiency and reduce their energy consumption and significantly protect their bottom line. The only question is how.  

VP of Operations and Energy Managers are always looking for innovative tools that will allow them to cut costs and help them sustain a more efficient daily operation. Small business owners and specialty shops are looking for ways to save money and remain aggressive in a market that is fiercely competitive.

Considering the fact that a store’s refrigeration system can account for as much as 65% of its utility costs and can represent over $10,000 a month; this is the first place you should research. The opportunity for drastically lowering energy consumption and saving thousands of dollars is something that should not be missed by any store owner.

Retailers who are able to invest in energy saving projects benefit in a multitude of ways. First, store owners who are actively pursuing eco-conscious initiatives are more likely to find products that qualify for additional grants or funding through their local utility company. Rebates allow individual stores and large supermarkets to take advantage of energy saving tools that are available to them.

Secondly, these businesses tend to follow a more community conscious growth plan where they care about their community and are always striving to take part in programs that make sense, not just financially but on a more grass roots level.

Never underestimate the power of such movements. People notice. Customers notice. When your own efforts parallel the desires of your market they will reward you with their business. Communicating your energy saving efforts is a big part of the energy saving cycle. Marketing specialists and advertising companies love the opportunity to market the efforts and achievements of people and store owners who are making a difference.

Grocery stores spend millions of dollars creating brand awareness and attracting new customers. Aligning your store’s values with those of your local community makes good common sense. The goal is to create a distinction between you and your competitors and to show that you and your customers share the same view.

With the increased focus on saving energy, reducing waste in the work environment and shedding an image of corporate waste and over-consumption, retailers have an amazing opportunity to make a difference and be rewarded for their efforts.

Start conserving energy today and reclaim your hard-earned money !

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